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Dr. Poonam Raghuvanshi, Founder |

m: +91 8008555339

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Dr. Alka Mehta, Co-Founder |

Phone: +91 9820797387

  • Dr. Poonam has close to three decades of successful and proven expertise in the field of Research and Development and Intellectual property (IP) in the Pharmaceutical industry.

  • She holds a M. Pharm degree and a Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

  • Her rich and varied journey has allowed her to inspire and guide cross-functional teams in driving projects through the entire product life cycle.

  • She is recognized as an industry expert and leader in building IP strategies and Identifying, Managing & Supporting projects from initiation to launch.

  • She enjoys working at problems that require a cross-disciplinary approach to solve. Focus is always on bringing tangible business impact.

  • Dr. Alka has more than 25 years of effective experience in IP, Regulatory and research.

  • She holds a M. Pharm degree and PhD. in Pharmacy. Along with LLB and Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Law. She is also accredited with PGDPLP and CPVA from Business Academy, USA.

  • She is an eminent IP personality and has led large and small teams during her time in-house in well-reputed pharma corporates.

  • She is known for her proactive risk mitigation measures to minimize risk reaching crisis and designing early business opportunities through IP litigation.

  • She has extensive experience in IP strategy and combating competition by identifying Niche opportunities and leveraging the same. 

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